Kuadrilla member registration is now CLOSED

The Basque Soccer Friendly’s Kuadrilla, is our exclusive membership club. Kuadrilla to the Basque community means a close group of friends.  Members of the Kuadrilla receive pre sale ticket access, a limited edition t-shirt, a commemorative poster, and invitations to exclusive monthly events.

For more information on ticket pre-sale and events for Kuadrilla members, please visit the Ticket Pre-Sale page and the Events page.

Look for our Kuadrilla members around town starting in May in these limited edition Kuadrilla T-Shirts.



Kuadrilla T-shirts were ordered only for the members and will be available for member pick up starting May 8th at our first Kuadrilla event or at our HQ.


    1. kaixo! we are a family of Bilbao and we are going to go to Boise from July27 to 30 we are very exceiting for the team of Atlhetic and we want to know if is it posible one of us to be a member of the kuadrilla and take four tickets. we are 2 adults and 2 children .
      How can we do for pay the tickets. Online? and for to take them?

      Eskerrik asko erantzuteagaitik.

      1. Idoia,

        Only one person needs to purchase a Kuadrilla membership. With that membership you can purchase up to 10 tickets during our pre sale access period starting on the 23rd of April at 10 AM MT through 27th of April at 10 AM MT. On the 27th they will go on sale to the general public. You can buy your membership online through our site by going to: http://www.basquesoccerfriendly.com/product/kuadrilla/ . We will send you a unique passcode that you will be able to use to purchase tickets online at ticketmaster.com on the 23rd of April.


    2. Keegan,
      We are a local soccer club, and have 5 members that have joined Kuadrilla in order to
      get tickets. We would like our boys to be able to sit together, can we get a code that
      enables us to buy the 45 tickets that we need together? We all have separate order numbers
      for our kuadrilla memberships.

  1. Hi, we can’t wait for the game. But I just became a member and would like the shirt shipped. Is there a way to do that?

    1. Brad,

      Since you are not in the local area, yes we can ship the shirt to you. We will have to determine a shipping fee to cover costs. We will work with you to determine the fee when we are ready to ship the shirt.


      1. Thanks Keegan, I found the way in and am getting set to sign up. One question. Will we buy our tickets for the game in person, or can we do it on line. We are going to be out of the country, so I might put it in my bro’s name to get tickets if we have to be here? Sorry to be a bother….Dan

        1. Daniel,

          Yes you will be able to purchase tickets online. We will provide instructions in an email closer to the beginning of the pre sale ticket period.


    1. Maria,

      The Kuadrilla is for everybody as there is also a Spanish spelling, Cuadrilla. The Kuadrilla is a close group of friends that support this soccer friendly. The Kuadrilla was not designed to be a membership club for any specific team. The name was voted on by our newsletter subscribers and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.


    1. Eric,

      Pre sale ticket access for Kuadrilla members will begin on Thursday, April 23rd. When it gets closer to the Pre sale ticket access date an email with instructions will be sent out to Kuadrilla members.


        1. Alisa,

          If you are referring to joining the Kuadrilla, the registration closed at midnight. Sorry about that. Tickets will go on sale to the general public at 10 AM MT on Monday (27 April).


    1. Sally,

      Yes you will be able to purchase tickets online. We will provide instructions in an email closer to the beginning of the pre sale ticket period.


  2. I Just Joined! I was in Bilbao for the last game and fireworks at San Mames 2 years ago- I am so excited to see them here in Boise!

  3. Question: If a Kuadrilla membership is purchased, are children (ages 4 and 6) of the member allowed to enter the game in the early entry line with parents. (I don’t want to purchase the Kuadrilla membership for my 4 and 6yr olds.)

    1. Rona,

      A Kuadrilla membership will give you access to purchase pre sale tickets before they go on sale to the general public. You will have the ability to purchase up to 10 tickets with your membership. We will send out an email closer to the 23rd of April when pre sale ticket access will begin with directions for Kuadrilla members to purchase their tickets. There is no early entry line into the stadium on game day. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.


      1. I think your website IS confusing on this. It really seems to suggest there is an early entry line at the game. I didn’t understand this was not available until I read your response here.

        1. Jessica,

          Sorry for the confusion. We will take you comments under advisement as we move forward with our messaging and make sure we are clear as possible.


    1. Joshua,

      Since you are not in the local area, yes we can ship the shirt to you. We will have to determine a shipping fee to cover costs. We will work with you to determine the fee when we are ready to ship the shirt.


  4. Kaixo Keegan!
    Thank you for answering the questions. If you do not do kuadrillas, then you need to wait on line to buy tickets or you can always buy the tickets online? I would like to provide all the details to my student.
    Thank you

    1. Izaskun,

      Kuadrilla members will get the opportunity to purchase tickets beginning on the 23rd of April. The general public will be able to purchase tickets beginning 27th of April. You can purchase your Kuadrilla membership through our site, now through the 22nd of April. You will be able to purchase your tickets online or at the Boise State box office.


  5. Why is are the price of tickets a mystery? I would like to know the price before paying for the membership, would you please post ticket price.

    1. Darrin,

      Thank you for your question. We have finalized our pricing, however Boise State and Ticketmaster have not finalized their fees for the tickets to the Basque Soccer Friendly. We want to publicize our ticket pricing as soon as possible. We are hopeful that will be this week.


  6. Can you further explain your comment made to Darren about additional Ticketmaster and BSU fees? Also, will the Kuadrilla’s early access to tickets mean any seats can be purchased or just a certain section? Thanks!

    1. Lou,

      All sections in the stadium will be available to Kuadrilla members during pre sale access on April 23rd at 10 AM MST. There are ticketing and facility use fees that need to be finalized before we can release ticket prices.


    1. Victoria,

      We are still working on the details for the events. We will send an email to Kuadrilla members with more information when the events have been finalized.


  7. Keegan, where do we pick up the T-Shirt? Am I understanding correctly that I can choose my preference of seating? And I can do this online? When can I expect the email with instructions?


    1. James,

      You will be able to pick up the T-Shirt from our Headquarters location in Downtown Boise once it opens or from the special events that are held for Kuadrilla members.

      In regards to ticketing, you will be able to select your seats from all sections in the stadium. The pre sale period will begin on the 23rd of April at 10 AM MST. We will send out an email with instructions closer to the 23rd on how to access the pre sale tickets. You will be able to purchase them online or at the Boise State ticketing office.


  8. Kaixo!

    Bought my membership, super excited for the game! Do we know yet what time the game starts on 7/29? My wife has a class that day and wants to be able to make it to the game as well.

    Eskerrik asko!


    1. Mike,

      We are aiming for a 6 to 7 PM start time for the game. The official time hasn’t been determined as we are still negotiating broadcasting. Once we have an official time we will let everybody know.


  9. Aupa Athletic! I’ve got to be the biggest Athletic supporter in Texas and just want to extend my gratitude to everybody that is making this a reality. With a mother from Lekeitio (near Bilbao) and a father from Boise this gives for a perfect opportunity to visit family and see the best team in the world!

    Perhaps if Iker Muniain makes the trip the Kuadrilla can convince him to watch from the stands with the fans?

    Hopefully this is the overwhelming success I expect it to be and there is talk of doing this again in 2020 🙂 ?

    Eskerrik asko,

  10. Do you know what different seating sections for tickets will cost? Signing up for Kuadrilla only makes sense if I organize a group of friends to go together, and I’d need to know how much to collect from them. As of April 16th BSU’s athletic dept. still had no idea on pricing. They couldn’t even tell me the low and high range.

  11. Just purchased a membership. Will my family be able to attend events with me or do they each need a membership as well?
    Many thanks!

    1. Gaynam,

      Yes you are welcome to bring your family with you to the events, although it is unclear if all of the events will be all ages. As we get more details on the events themselves we will be letting Kuadrilla members know through email.


  12. Hello, purchased two memberships, Woot Woot!. Will I be able to have access to 20 tickets?
    Very large Basque Familia.
    Looking forward to this Epic Event.

    1. Laurie,

      Yes you will have access to 20 tickets using both memberships. More details and instructions will come in an email to Kuadrilla members in the near future.


      1. I have also purchased 2 memberships. Does this mean that we can purchase 20 tickets in the same area so that we can all sit together?

  13. What a wonderful event for Boise. Seeing the growth of soccer here in Boise over the last 40 years has been incredible. All the Fornanders are excited!!

  14. Hi please let us know when you know how much the tickets will be we are waiting for a soccer game here in boise we are thousands of mexican fans who wants to support soccer because we want to see mexico team in the future here but this time we are supporting tijuana xolos

    1. Amanda,

      It is a north / south split. We are recommending Tijuana supporters in the north half and Athletic supporters in the south half.


    1. Nadine,

      The first available pickup for t-shirts will be at our first Kuadrilla event on 8 May at Payette Brewery. We will have more details that we will send out via email in the coming days.


  15. The Basque Friendly crew has done such a kick-ass job on this event…the buzz around Boise and Euskadi is amazing. Txapellas off to you! AUPA ATHLETIC! AUPA BOISE BASQUE FRIENDLY CREW!

  16. I purchased a membership some time ago but I have yet to receive any information regarding tickets…which go on sale in the am.

    1. Shallan,

      I keep trying to send you an email but I have gotten two undeliverables to you email address. Is there another email I can use?


  17. Probably a bit too early to ask this question, but when will we know the roster of players expected to make the trip? Hoping to see and greet a couple of our favorites.

  18. Hi, I orginally signed up and ordered a T shirt but was never able to make it to any event or the shop during hours. Now I am in Spain, and won’t be back till the 27th. is there any way to get my shirt?

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